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Refined quality vape experience for the meticulous smokers


World’s first vape with a dust & leak preventing mouthpiece


We’ve all had this problem. It happens to your vape too


No more inhaling nasty micro-who-knows-what with Mouu Cliq.


Patented dust & leak proof mouthpiece design

With a simple click, the mouthpiece seals off the internal Cliq cartridge from the external environment, preventing dust & debris from entering & e-juice from leaking out.


Hygienic, washable food grade materials

The mouthpiece is also fully removable & washable. Goodbye to nasty leaks and dirty mouthpieces.


A craftsmanship you have to hold in your hands to believe

Crafted out of aircraft-grade 6000 aluminum with a polished finish, Cliq is built with the sturdiness of a tank and the elegance of a fine watch.


Refill with your choice of nicotine salt e-juice

Mouu branded e-juice (coming soon) works best with Cliq, but it is also compatible with nicotine salt e-juices of your liking.


Built-in coil cartridges for hassle-free coil replacement

Our Cliq cartridges feature integrated high performance coils. No more messy and contaminated coil change process.


Worry-free endurance

Enough to last you up to 2 days of typical use, and simply recharge with any Micro-USB cable.


Your style matters


A design solution to merge into your stylish daily life.

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Because you care, and so do we


We all know smoking kills. Looking for an alternative? E-cigs significantly reduce the risks of smoking traditional cigarette and prevent the intake of more than 4,000 chemicals during the burning of cigarettes.

Switch to vape today.


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